trailer sway

C Nash

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Re: trailer sway

Welcome to the forum Kingman. What are you towing with ? Are you just wondering if a 5th wheel will sway? I never had a problem with the one we had. You may feel a litle when being passed with some semis.
Re: trailer sway

towing 24 ft prowler with 03 gmc 1500 and it seems to happen on windy days and its not fust a little you have to brake to correct axles on trailer are good so not sure whats up wonderin if someone else has run into this
Re: trailer sway

problem isnt with truck trailer is rated at 3850 dry weight truck is full size 4x4 think i may have stubbled on my prob though seams i may not have enough weight to my hitch to much on back of trailer only a theory though with have to road test in spring thks for your input