Trailer too long?

[Chris Smith] I have the opportunity to purchase a 2000 Prowler 33V with a total length of 35&#039. I currently own a 1996 Prowler LS23 which is 25&#039 overall. I have 3 kids and the layout is great but I question towing such a long trailer. I have no problems with my much shorter LS23.

I know there are many people towing 33&#039 and longer trailers (not a 5th wheel) and I question what they think of towing a long trailer. Your opinion would be much appreciated.

Residing in Newfoundland, Canada, the roads and parks are not what you call "level" and I am unsure I would a site to park such a trailer. The rear jacks are about 8" from the ground I fear hooking them.

Chris Smith
Trailer too long?

[jmerritt] Chris,

I have been towing a 32&#039 TT for about 15 years. I have towed 19, 25 and 27 and I can say that the only thing I really noticed other than the weight is turning clearance, especially in fuel stations and campgrounds. Once on the road I don&#039t think there is much difference if any at all. I have had on occassion a problem with finding a site that would accommodate the trailer length or that I could navigate the trailer into.