Trailer Village/Grand Canyon

Has anyone stayed in this RV park?? I understand that the sites are bare, no trees, no grass etc but that they provide outlets and this is the only park inside the Grand Canyon with outlets??

Please share your Grand Canyon experience. :approve:
Trailer Village/Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon is a zoo in the season. We stayed in Williams where there are a number of nice reasonable parks. We then took the train up there which was fun and traveled thru very pretty country. At the canyon, you were then put onto a bus which hit all of the stops and went into areas where cars are not permitted. Nice way to see the park without the parking, etc problems :cool:
Trailer Village/Grand Canyon

how much is that for a family of three or four? two adults, two children (if the oldest doesn't go away on another summer mission trip, he will be 16.5).

The bus is part of the train trip/tour???

Sounds like a really good way to see things. :)
Trailer Village/Grand Canyon

Just read an article in FMCA magazine saying good things about Canyon Gateway RV Park in
Williams (520/635-2718)& Marvelous Marvs Tours in a 12 passenger van to the Canyon (800/655-4948) :laugh: