transmission codes


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Hello Allisonman, Merry Christmas and the best of the new year.
I am new to this site and am grateful for the opportunity provided here.
Question is: When I call up codes on the pushbutton trans slector it seems not to give enough digits. Example when oil level check is asked for the read out low temp is oL-7. The Operators manual indicates it should read oL-70; also I have a trouble code d1- with no two digit code after d1-.

When parameters are ok the level indicates oL-ok. Do I have a problem.
Have driven coach 50000 miles and trans works fine. Done fluid changes as required.

Have asked Allison reps and service people about this but they look at me like duh and say it is some kind of code but aren't at all helpful about any explaination.

Thanks dougABQ


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transmission codes

Allison may not see this here. You need to post it at his topic. Go to Allison man and post it there.
Just trying to help.