Transmission dipstick tube broke?


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Has this ever happened before? I recently took my 2003 Chev Duramax Diesel in for transmission service. I received a call from the dealer informing me that the "dipstick tube" was broken.

Has this ever occurred before and what would cause it? I was told by the dealership that vibration was the likely culprit.

Thanks for any/all replies.


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Transmission dipstick tube broke?

Uh-huh. Reminds me of the time the brake cylinder on one wheel 'broke'. I asked for the old part, and got one with the nipple broken off. It was a bright and shiny break, with no dirt, rust or even oil...

Don't know whether they were padding the bill and 'made' the break themselves, or accidently broke it and stuck me with the bill. Seems unlikely that it was that way when I drove it in.

Vibration would not seem to cause a 'break'. Detachment, maybe. In any case sounds like a design defect or clumsiness (or possibly greed) on their part.


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Transmission dipstick tube broke?

Is the tube plastic???? Its hard to say these days. I've never heard of a dipstick tube breaking without a little help. But I've never had a plastic one.