Transmission Disconnects

I am new to this forum. I am considering buying either a Motorhome or a new truck and fifth wheel trailer. I would like to get some feed-back from people who have used transmission disconnects or drive line disconnects to pull their vehicles.
I would like to keep my 2001 Toyota Tacoma Double-cab and pull it behind a motorhome.
Thank you in advance or any and all responses.

C Nash

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Transmission Disconnects

Welcome to the forum Jim :)
I have never used the drive line disconnect but have a friend that has one and he has had no trouble at all. Just pulls a lever inside and away he goes. Check with Remco to see what's availiable for your Toyota. They also offer a pump that you can install if it's an automatic. I have a tracker that we pull four down but, all I have to do is put trans in park, transfer case in nuetral, key in unlock.
Transmission Disconnects

Thank you C Nash for the reply. I have done some preliminary investigation into the Remco Drive Line Disconnect system. But, I wanted some responses from some people who have used or know of someone who has used such devices.

Thank you for the response
Jim G