Transportation Companies

Do any of you have history with transportation companies. My rig is in PA now and I am in Aruba for the next month. The issue i have is I am suppose to have the rig back to Fleetwood for some work done to it the end of August and I am not sure if I will be back in the states yet. Can you recommend any transportation companies that can pick up my rig in PA and take it to Indiana. There is nothing major wrong with it so it can be driven.

it's currently at a campground and all that would be needed is to unhook power. I put the slides in and lifter the levelers before I left. I just left power to keep the fridge going.


Re: Transportation Companies

If i was in Aruba ,, i wouldn't give a damn about my rv ,, it can wait .
Re: Transportation Companies

the problem is I have had it for 3 months and it is just completely falling apart. Nothing works in it and I finally was able to get an appointment at the manufacturer. This is my last step before I get involved with the lemon law. There is a long list of things to fix from wall paper coming off to hot water heater not heating the water. I just hate to miss my appointment if not be.