travel questions


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Hi guys! I just purchased an 84 Fleetwood Wilderness and love the new lifestyle...I am considering opening an RV resort in the Tulsa Oklahoma area and am doing a little research to figure out travel tendencies through this area. If you could help me out by just letting me know how often you travel through this area on your way to your destination spot it would be greatly appreciated...also what is important to you in your decision on which rv resort to stop at...Thank you

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travel questions

Hi fleetwoodfan
haven't traveled that way but a couple times but it's on the agenda. If we are just traveling through i look for CG that are easy to get in and out, cleaness, friendly personel that really seem to want you there, hook-ups that seem to be designed by campers. Hate the sewage right next to water supply or neighbors under my canopy. Would like to see spaces for late night arrivals. I know there are some or one here that think you have to plan all the stops and arrive at a given time. Not me, retired and don,t like clocks or knowing where I'll be tomorrow. If staying for any length of time I enjoy the club house and a fireplace is nice and cable tv. Computer hook up a must now. Not near a wal mart for us freeloaders :laugh: :laugh: trees trimed so taller rvs can pass under or around and all this for the price of Wally World parking :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :evil: :eek:


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travel questions

I have never been to far west but sure want to someday. Been all over the east and south now it's time to head west. The thing I like the most is a site that is not on top of another. I have been to some CG where the next site is just a few feet away. Hook-ups that include phone and cable. I never take my lap-top but probably will this year. I just like to watch tv before going to sleep to catch up on the news. Last but not least a CG away from railroads. I have nothing against railroads just like to sleep at nights.
Let us know what you do and the name of your place if you decide to open one.
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