Travel Star Hybrid vs Trail-Lite MaxLite


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Let's see if anyone has an opinion...and personally, I'd prefer to see RVer's rather than the dealers respond here.

I'm looking at either a Starcraft TravelStar 21SSO or a Trail-Lite MaxLite ML21RS. Both are in the same weight range, both have similar sleeping accomodations although the Travelstar can sleep a couple more. I have some questions regarding the two with respect to quality, construction, durability, etc.. They are as follows:

1) Just how durable are slides now? The mechanisms should be mature technology so just what kind of a life span can I expect?

2) Are the hybrids durable? I see the 5 or 7 year warranty on the canvas but will these things really hold up that well?

3) I've heard that there are some issues with the R-Vision, Trail-Lite travel trailers their quality and especially with leakage. Anyone have any knowledge of this first hand? Bear in mind, this is only somethign I've heard but if anyone has something to share...if you have to, take it private. You can e-mail me at

4) Are Starcraft as good as their sales people want you to think?

5) With all the veterans here...given the choice between the two, a hybrid and a fiberglass hardside, and given the respective manufacturers, which would be the wiser choice given that costs are almost exactly the same.

Any assistance anyone can provide would be greatly appreciated!