Travel Trailer Braking System Screw Up

We just had a very close call because of a BAD installation with our trailer braking system. Somehow or other, the tech wiring our brakes crossed up the wiring. When we turned on the headlights to the vehicle, the trailer's brakes engaged. The trailer would not budge. LUCKILY, we were just trying to leave in the early morning and NOT on the highway traveling 55 or 60 mph when we found this out. It took a while on our vacation to find an RV place that could correct the problem for us immediately so we could continue our journey. Imagine the cost to fix that problem....ON the road. Needless to say, we were NOT happy with the RV place where we purchased our travel trailer. :angry: They "gladly" reimbursed us for the cost of correcting the problem.
Just check out your brakes ahead of time!!!


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Travel Trailer Braking System Screw Up

How far did you go before you realised this was happening? Did the trailer push the truck while trying to stop?

You may have to check the truck brakes for unusual wear because of the extra stress from the trailer brakes not engaging.

Travel Trailer Braking System Screw Up

Hey, Steve,
We were just trying to leave early that morning around 4 AM. Since it was dark, we had to use the SUV's headlights. We got in the car ready to pull out and ....the trailer wouldn't move. We worried and worried with it. FINALLY figured it out. Turn on headlights of SUV; trailer brakes can move. Turn headlights off; everything working fine. We had to wait to travel in the daylight and finally found a place to correct the problem in Austin, TX. What a nightmare. But, the trailer place DID reimburse us for the cost of having the braking system "reworked". So...all is well that ends well. :laugh: