Travel Trailer Drags on Driveway

[Sandy Martinez] We just purchased a 1998 Starcraft Starlight travel trailer 2 weeks ago. When we were parking it on the side of our house the bumper of the trailer dragged across the driveway, dislodging the sewer pipe from the trailer. Luckily no real damage was caused, but do you have any suggestions as to how we can rectify this problem? My driveway is pretty typical and not that steep.
Travel Trailer Drags on Driveway

[Paul B] Go as slow as you can and use a bigger angle from perpendicular. Or you could get drag bars or wheels. Good luck and fantastic camping. Paul
Travel Trailer Drags on Driveway

[jmerritt] Sandy,

Get some skid wheels installed on the trailer and you won&#039t have anymore problems and save the tail end of your trailer.
Travel Trailer Drags on Driveway

[Vern M.] Before altering the trailer, why not try what we have to do on every return home to our rural location with a dry creek to come through? I stop just before the steep part and release the weight distribution bars on the hitch, taking the load off the ends of the vehicles and allowing them to bend in the middle as I slowly drive the rest of the way. It works for us.

Vern M.
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Travel Trailer Drags on Driveway

[swsmith] I also had a dragging problem backing into my drive. Mine is fairly steep. First I rubbed my spare. On another occasion, I messed up a stabilizer jack. I went to Northern Equipment and bought two, 1000# swivel casters. I moved the levelling jacks closer to the rear tires, and mounted the casters close to the back. They worked like a champ. They also come in handy when you pull in or out of gas stations that are not level with the pavement. Keep in mind they only have to help until the TT wheels take back over. Stretch a string from the bottom of your last wheel, and put it up against the bottom of your TT bumper. Anything set below that string is at risk. Oh, I called the manufacturer of the TT, and the man in charge of warranties had no problem with what I did.