travel trailer questions!!

Hi everyone! Im new here and to living in a travel trailer. So far this site has been extremely helpful so I hope yall can answer a few questions for me.

First I guess I should tell yall that we have been living in our trailer for about 5 months now. We live in louisiana and lost our home in Rita and had been staying with friends until we could get this. So we have allllot of stuff (2 kids and a dog)in here. Our trailer is a 2006 Pilgrim.

Ok first question is how can i get the a/c to cool better during the day b/c it gets pretty hot in here, and I have no glue how to get it cooler in here.

Second question Have any of yall tried a add-a-room and if so or they worth the money or are they more trouble then anything?

Third and final question any neat storage ideas??

Thanks in advance for in help yall can give me!!! Hope yall have a great day :)


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Re: travel trailer questions!!

Unfortunately the most common cause of poor cooling is that many RVs are not well insulated. You can help some by covering windows that have direct sun with a reflective, insulating material. Also, put a cushion into the openings where the skylights and vents are to keep sun and heat out. It may also help some if you cover the windows that you need to see out of with a plastic such as is often done in winter to make a dead air space. If possible, park the trailer where it will be in shade in the hottest part of the day and where it will get as much air movement as possible. On the a/c unit, make sure that the condenser is clean and all of the fins are straight. That is probably about it. It may help to use a dehumidifier as well in the RV to get the humidity down. It won't be cooler but it will make it feel cooler.
RE: travel trailer questions!!

The first thing you could do is try to keep the sun off the rv.....If you are parked in the sun and there is no shade what I would do is buy a portable car port....Pep boys and Northern tools have them advertised in Sundays papers for 99 dollars you can get them in 10 x 20 or 12 x 20 sizes if you get 2 of the 12 x 20 then it will give you plenty of room to store other stuff under the excess.....I put one up over my granddaughter's swing so she could play in the shade.....You would be amazed at how much cooler your rig becomes when the sun does not shine on it. I used to have my camper parked in a camper-port....If you can find a tractor supply where you live they have all kinds of non permanent covers in all kinds of sizes.....They have a web site take a look :cool:


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Re: travel trailer questions!!

I forgot to respond to the second and third items. We have not used the add-a-room but we have two friends who own them and like them. They are pretty good if you are in an area that doesn't get much high wind requiring you to put up your awning. They are a bit of a chore to put up and to take down.

On the storage item, you should get a lot of suggestions, but I'll try a few. First, do not waste space with the packages that things come in. Nearly all can save space by putting things into containers that fit the space you are using. That is especially true for dry food items. Anything that you don't need should be stored elsewhere. Since you probably will not be traveling, you can use the plastic tubs that have lids to store some things under the trailer and save the inside space. I would do that for things like laundry products and cleaning supplies and similar items.
Re: travel trailer questions!!

Thank yall soooo much Ill have to try the pillow thing never thought about that and the stuff for the windows, and Im going to call about a cover b/c we have no shade where we are parked and I hate to move it b/c I love our neigbors and the way its set up on this lot. So that sounds like an awsome idea.

Thanks :)

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Re: travel trailer questions!!

You can get the reflective insulation at Lowe's in large rolls and you cut to size for the windows. The padded pillows are sold at RV stores or you can make them to fit your vents with 2 to 3 inch foam padding. Again cut to size (slightly larger than vent) and push up into the vent.