Travel Trailer wreck on SYSKIYOU Pass

Last Week ( July 6 ) I saw another reminder of just how fragile a travel trailer really is.

I was returning from Tacoma Washington on southbound I-5 and when I came down "SISKIYOU" pass, there was a travel trailer frame sitting along side the road and a lot of debris scattered around.

The frame was almost totally bare of wood, metal or anything to remind you that it once had been an RV trailer.

The wood was actually in splinters,,, honest folks, I could not see a piece of wood larger than maybe two feet long and six or eight inches wide.

I saw what looked like either the water heater or the cook stove laying near the shoulder of the road.

It has evidently just happened within the past 30 minutes, because the highway crew who were working on the road were out there directing traffic.

I could not see the tow vehicle, so don't know the details..

I was traveling at about 25 mph and pulling an 7000 pound generator, so I could not get as good a look as I would have liked to.

Does anyone have any news about this accident and actually what happened.

I can only pray that no one was hurt..

C Nash

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Travel Trailer wreck on SYSKIYOU Pass

Good to see you are out and about John. Went to Tacoma news but,found no information about a rv accident. Could not find the pass on their road map so guess it was out of Tacoma. More than likely it was towed with a vehicle that was to small or speed was involved but, could have been caused by machincal or tire failure
Travel Trailer wreck on SYSKIYOU Pass

I had seen the wreck myself as I was driving from Washington into California (Sac area) for the week. The SUV that was pulling the trailer had returned to the site. It looked horrible, but I figured that they had been traveling too fast around the cruve and everything must have slipped. The best possible reporting site would have been Yakmia reports or Mt. Shasta area newspapers. (The nearest town was Lakehead, California). It was horrible and I felt bad for the folks who owned the trailer - all their processions/belongings were all over the side of the highway where they were picking up everything. It was horrible! Just to see something "flatten" like a matchbox. :(