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C Nash

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travel trailer

Hi Rogers,
The Cougar line by Keystone makes a trailer under the 25000. We have the 278 5th wheel and have had only minor problems. We bought it new in 99. I have seen several good reviews on these units and I think the quality is very good for a entry level unit. I understand that Thor has bought out Keystone so I can't say what the quality will be now. Have seen some bad reviews on newer Thor units. Good luck

Chelse L. Nash
travel trailer

Hi, I bought a used Coachman Catalina 300 TBS -- great trailer, great quality. Big slider so lots of room. This has bunks for the kids. Its a heavy trailer though, 7000 pounds empty. There are great deals on these, so if you can handle the weight, look into it.
travel trailer

Not sure how the Candian dollar changes things, but I've been looking at the Terry's by Fleetwood. Here in the states, a nice 28' with slide-out goes for around $15-17,000. While Fleetwood may not be the most prestigous unit out there, what I have seen of them appears to be pretty nice.


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