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We will be RV'ing as "full timers" this summer. My only concern is obtaining medications when out of state from my physician for months at a time when my insurance plan will only approve a 30 day supply at a time. Has anyone found a solution to this concern ?

Thanks so much !!
Traveling and Medical Care

Check with your insurance. My BC/BS told me they would not pay for refills until the drug is 75% used,so I had my Doctor write me out a prescription for 90 days,with 3 refills. Each time I get the refill I have to pay 3X the usual co-pay. Wal-Mart,Walgreens and some others I am told will refill at any location as long as you bring in the bottle. Hope this helps. Will


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Traveling and Medical Care

I normally do my medicine via mail refill with Merck Medco, so when I order a refill, it is either forwarded from post office or I give them a new address. I also get my doctor to provide me with back up prescription in case I have any problems (they do understand). If you go to a nationwide drug store, you may not have a problem getting refills while on the road. If not, you might want to think about doing that (like CVS is what I use and it is South, Midwest, and even in Vegas and I guess all over).
good luck
Traveling and Medical Care

Looking forsame thing. we have hmo now only good in 2 florida counties. does anyone have info on other hmo's in florida? do you have to live in the counties to get into the plan?
Traveling and Medical Care

Hello ROSE 1942,

Are you a military veteran ? If so, check out the VA hospital nearest you and sign up..

I did in summer of 2000 and no matter where I am, I simply call a toll free number, punch in my Rx number when prompted and the medications are mailed out to me anywhere in world I may be....