Traveling The Southwest

We are planning to travel the southwest this spring/summer, primarily Ariszon, New Mexico, maybe Colorado. We are traveling from Pennsylvania, so we will be stopiong along the way to see some sites.y. We have never been to the southwest so any suggestions on where to stop and places to stay be be appreciated.

This summer we took our first RV trip and drove from PA to Alaska, we drove thru the Canandian Rockies (just beautiful). So if anyone has any questons for us we would be happy to answer and best we can. We are newbies at RVing but we just loved the experience. :)
Re: Traveling The Southwest

If this is your first trip to these states, you are in for a thrill! My very favorite state is Utah-in the southern part. There are several national parks to see & camp in: Zion, Arches, Canyonlands, etc. & a great state park: Deadhorse Point. Great site seeing & hiking. IF you go thru the panhandle of Texas on the way, be sure & stop at Palo Dura state park-it is great. And of course in Colorado a must see is the Rocky Mtn National Park and in the 3 corners area is Mesa Verde Nat. Park-a must see for the ruins. There is so much to see you could spend a month in each of these states & just touch the basics.
RE: Traveling The Southwest

There is just so much to see out west. The best advice is to take tyour time. We recently completed a 7-week, 9K-mile tour. Here are some must-see thingfts to see ... drive the old Route 66 in Arizona, especially, and see the Grand Canyon (stay at the Grand Canyon Railway RV Partk in Williams, AZ), Death Valley and especially drive Route 101 along the Pacific coasts of California, Oregon and Washington. We are doing the Alaska trip in April-May and look forward to it.