Traveling thru Canada to Alaska

I will be traveling up through Canada on my way to Alaska this
summer. My question is, are there any new requirements when passing
thru the borders, both going into Canada and then back into the USA?
Two years ago when we went up to Banff, we didn't need a passport nor
Birth Certs. Has that changed now? Someone told me that we now need to have our Birth Certs. with us to come back into the USA.

Gary B

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Traveling thru Canada to Alaska

Hi Pete, last year when we went we took our birth certifacates with, we didn't need them but did have to slow our drivers license, and it is recomended you have a birth cert. with, for both sides of the border. Have a great trip!!! :) :laugh: :cool: :bleh: :approve:
Traveling thru Canada to Alaska

Hi Pete,
I've been doing some extensive research on this and inquired at a site that issues passports. Their reply to me was that you need a certified copy of your birth certificate. Per the State Department, passports won't be needed till 2007. Some RV'ers use passports now. Like the previous responder, we went to Canada - just to Waterton from Glacier two years ago and although we had certified birth certificate copies, we were only asked for your driver's license both going in and leaving. Happy traveling!

DL Rupper

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Traveling thru Canada to Alaska

ReneeG is right on about needing passports by 2007. We went to B.C. and Alberta last year. Used new passports, we had recently obtained, when coming back across the border to the U.S. They still questioned us quite thoroughly. Good show for the border guards. Hope they keep up the good work.
Traveling thru Canada to Alaska

One thing to keep in mind is that you keep your story straight when they ask questions at the border. I overlooked the fact that I had beer when asked if I had "alcohol". Alcohol to me meant ... well, the good stuff. His next question was .."Do you have any beer or wine". When I said yes he chastised me for lying the first time. It was downhill from there. Next he asked if I had any "ammo" ... and with my hearing I said "Nope, no animals". My wife punched me ... and I said, "Oh, no AMMO!" From then on he ask about my hunting habits, how many guns I owned, where I kept them, etc, etc. Finally he said "Do you mind if I search your rig?". To which I replied "Go ahead if you want". He just glared at me for about 10 seconds, and then said ... "Move it out, go on". And as I did, I did see a woman in a small station wagon having everything in her car being unloaded. Now I understand about terrorism, and that's all right, I understand, but just think about what you have, and don't lie about it, or make any mistakes. If you have a hidden gun, plan on having your rig confiscated. If you have a gun that was not "pre-registered" ... plan on going back to the last town to clear that up. Just a word to the wise.