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Planning a summer trip to Colorado in 2008. Have 1 ton Dodge 4wd dually diesel pulling 32' fifth wheel. Any adivice on which roads not to take, any particular areas not to miss, or specific great campground. Particularly interested in fishing and natural beautyand boondocking, not rv resorts.

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Where are starting from? :question: I would definitely try to take in Rocky Mountain Nat'l Park and Mesa Verde Nat'l Park. You can boondock in the desert and mountains down by Mesa Verde. Take in the towns of Durango and Silverton by Mesa Verde. Lots of fishing down (Southwestern) that way.
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starting from VA. Last year went to Ariz, parts of Utah and Idaho. Looked at map and was concerned with high altitude passes in Colorado. Last year took many roads with 6-7 percent grade and did ok. Thanks for your input.


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I wouldnt sweat the passes with your rig unless your scared of heights or your truck has a tendency to loose power on the upgrades. Have driven most those roads with a s15 pulling a tent trailer, a 3/4 ton pulling a 27 footer and with my present rv 37 ft motor home. Just use lower gears going down hill dont depend on brakes. Lots to see across Kansas enroute too. Check out Abilene, Ks for one.
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You shouldn't have any problems on I80 through the Rockies. I think that the steepest grade is around 7 % but they can be long. As others have stated Rockie Mountain NP and Mesa Verde are not to be missed. In Utah check out Arches NP and Canyonlands near Moab, Ut.

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Hey Buckeye Chuck, welcome to the forum. In Utah you missed Bryce, Zions and Capitol Reef Nat'l Parks. I guess I'm prejudice. My wife and I were campground hosts for 3 mos at Capitol Reef. If you put all the Utah Nat'l Parks together they eclipse the Grand Canyon. Hope you get a chance to go back and check the other 3 out.
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Hi DL,

You are so right on that recommendation. All three parks are on my list of places to see on our next trip. Time did not allow us to go that far west this year. We spent some time in Colorado visiting family. Hawaii this year so it will be 2009 before we get there but I'm looking forward to seeing all three.

Some Utah Pictures here: utah

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I like southern Co the best. Durango is a great base point. We stayed in Breckenridge this summer and my nose was so dry..........yikes that altitude gets us old folks. Pretty country though.
For me I-70 is a long pull but it's longer going west to east than vice verse. I agree I-80 is easier. We did climb Wolf Creek Pass outside Durango a few years back slow ride but interesting. I read they get 350 inches of snow up there each year.

If you go south you have to see Mesa Verde and Silverton/ Ouray, Co. But don't take an RV over the mountain at Ouray.. They have a N gauge train ride or drive the car/truck. Plus you have to climb Pikes Peak once in your life.(14000 feet)
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We're brand new to rv-ing but have a place near Westcliffe which is in south central co. Great area, lots of history..the nat'l sand dune park is nearby, check out Bishops Castle & much more. We visited years ago and liked it so much we bought property there. At one time Silvercliffe was in the running or state capital. I have no idea of the rv camping in the area but i imagine it can be researched. Can't say enough good about the area or the locals.