Traveling west on I-90

My wife and I are plannig a trip from NJ to Mount Rushmore in May, any experienced I-90 travellers who can provide some insight into what we can expect....IE: bridges, tunnels, restrictions, high wind problem areas, etc.??? We are pulling a 23' TT w/2006 Nissan Pathfinder....

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Re: Traveling west on I-90

West of Buffalo, NY you should have smooth sailing. Some traffic around Cleveland, Detroit and Chicago etc. and some hills but no major problems. We have traveled all of it at different times pulling a 30' 5'er and didn't encounter any difficulties. Make sure you stop at WALL DRUG in Wall, South Dakota. It's about 50 miles west of Rapid City. Fun to see and shop. :laugh:


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Re: Traveling west on I-90

I've been on that road east from Pennsylvania to Batavia with a small fifth wheel, and west from its start in Mass to Pennsylvania in a motorhome. Nice road, no problems, except for the tolls, of course. I don't have any experiance with it west of Penn, but it looks like a nice route, assuming there is an adequate route around the major cities .
Re: Traveling west on I-90

You could encounter some wind along the route. Just keep an eye on the weather reports since they can help you out some too. South Dakota is beautiful, but you might want to consider traveling out to Yellowstone as well. Most of the moutains are just when you hit the basin area just before the Rockies. There are moutains in the Rushmore area. You might want to find a park to stay at (a space to leave your TT at) then drive to the different sights. I hope you enjoy your trip!
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