Traveling with Cats

Looking for suggestions for the location of the litter box. Planning to begin fulltiming within the next few years with a 5th wheel, but haven't purchased it yet.

Would like to find out what others are doing...
Traveling with Cats

Well we only travel with our dog and cat in a regular cab pick up with all the other stuff you need up there. Oh yeah plenty of room no problem..........(right) :laugh:

Anyway we started puttin the litter in the shower stall. Put a mat or something under it and it works out pretty well. Because we got a little lazy we just put it in an as out of the way place that will get as little traffic as possible. It really isn't a problem.


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Traveling with Cats

We travel in Class A with dog (80+ lbs) and Cat (10 lbs). While we are on the road, the litter box is between the twin beds in the bedroom. When we stop or at our destination, we put the litter box in front of the passenger seat just under or between the dash and the seat. We have used regular litter in the past, but I think I am going to change to the "Clumping Kind". I think it might make it a bit better to clean it. :laugh:
Traveling with Cats

We travel full time with 2 cats and when stopped and with the slide out, we have the litter box out of the way in the bedroom. Best set up I have seen is where there is room in a compartment and the litter box is placed there and a cut out is made for passage from the inside into the compartment. One I saw had the hole cut next to one of the inside entry steps directly into a compartment.
Be sure to change the litter daily.


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Traveling with Cats

While in the truck (extended cab) the litter box is in a large carrier on the rear seat. When in the trailer, it is in the storage compartment under one of the dinette seats. There are actually 2 boxes, (small in the cab and regular in the trailer) so one doesn't need to schlep them around.

The 'anti-spill' water dishes from Camping world are also a good idea. One on the floor in the truck and one under the dinette seat in the trailer.
Traveling with Cats

:) We have traveled with our cat in a pickup and now in a Class C Motorhome. We use the clumping kind of litter and place the Litter Box under the dinette table if you have good litter there will be no odor and of course clean the box often. Good luck we love having our cat with us. Plant