Traveling with Cats

We are going to be traveling in an F250 pickup truck towing a 5th wheel from DE to MS - taking 3 days to get there. We are taking our 2 cats with us and will be in the truck approximately 6 hours per day. We plan on stopping every 1 ½ to 2 hours and walking them on their leashes. Are there any kind of pet barriers available that will give the kitties full access to the backseat of the truck and at the same time prevent them from wondering into the front seat. The only vehicle barriers that I can seem to find are for dogs and not for my kitties who seem to be able to squeeze through any small space they can find.
Re: Traveling with Cats

I travel with a kitty myself. I have to keep mine in a carrier so I bought one of those large cloth type with the large screens so she can see out. She rides on the bed for a soft ride and so shee can see out the windows. We stop every few hours and let her out to eat and drink and run around inside the coach(usually at rest areas). I wish I had leash trained her when she was a kitten. But now she's too fat for a kitty harness and not big enough for a dog harness so she doesn't go out except in a cat run.


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When we had the trailer, we let the cats loose in the cab (wearing a harness, and hooked to a leash with the seat belt through the grip before opening the door). A small litter box on the floor in front of 1 rear seat, and a Camping World 'spill-proof' water dish in front of the other rear seat took care of their needs.