Traveling with weapons


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We are going to travel to some remote areas in several states and eventually into Canada and we want to take a registered pistol or gun with us. Is this allowed in a MH? Is a MH considered like a home where we can keep our weapons for protection or hunting? Do we need to contact all the states that we may be traveling to and ask them what their laws are or is there one law for all the states? Thanks all for the helpful suggestions on previous questions. We are newbies and I do have a lot of questions and concerns.

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Traveling with weapons

jmd, I would go to each states web site to find the laws on weapons. I don't think Canada allows any weapons other than those for hunting and match shooting. I think you have to fill out some forms for this. Maybe our Canada rvers can answer this.

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Traveling with weapons

I just ran across this small article in the Good Sam's magazine for a firearms guide book containing all 50 state's laws. It says to send 12.95 to Travelor's Guide, Box 2156, Covington, Ky 41012 or call 859-647-5100 or online at Hope this may help.
Traveling with weapons

Just to let you know, I purchased the book and its worth the price. Gives you state by state as well as Canadian and Mexican laws.

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Traveling with weapons

Most full timers do carry some sort of weapon. Dont advertise that you have one on board with bumper stickers, etc. Going into Canada has become much stricter. I have previously crossed the border with a shotgun and it was not a problem. Unless you are quickly transiting from point A to point B, you will be required to leave the gun at the border with Canadian Customs. You can retrieve it when you leave the country. They will charge $50 for the privilege of bringing it into the country. Canada long ago decided that only the bad guys can have guns. :blackeye:
Traveling with weapons

Definitely check with Canadian Customs; my understanding is they DO NOT allow weapons being brought in.

Another place not to have a weapon in your RV is the military bases and/or memorials. We stopped at Ft. Knox to see the museum and had to go thru thorough search & "walk thru" (we're retired & pretty innocuous looking too!) and.....they (soldier)found a hunting knife that was considered illegal; fortunately they suggested it be left in the vehicle and not removed! Extremely polite, but no smiles and I sincerely felt our Border Patrols and Federal agencies could take a lesson from these guys! Airports check-ins?
Traveling with weapons

One place you don't want to have a weapon or even shells is Mexico. They find either in your vehicle you may spend some time with them.