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I currently have a Winnebago 24 footer class C with a Triton v10 in it. I pull a 3500-4000 lb. boat with no problem.
I am looking to upgrade to a 31 foot class C with a v10 and am wondering how it will tow with 3500-4000 lbs. behind it.
Does anyone have any experience with this size RV class c (31 foot) pulling around 3500-4000 lbs?
How well will the v10 do with this?

thanks If you can respond..!!!! :)

C Nash

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Re: Triton V10

Welcome to the forum Jesse. Check the hitch to see what it is rated. Some are rated for 3500 so you would be maxed or over. There should be a sticker in the rv that will tell you the max weight of the rv. hard to say not knowing the gross weights or the hitch capacity. I think the engine would handle it fine if it's the later v10 with increased HP. I have a class A 33 ft with the V10 and it is rated to tow 5000 lb. but I would not want anything near that in weight. My toad is under 3k and I really can't tell it's back there.
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Thank you. What a great way to share information! I'll be sure to check the tow ratings on the RV. Just wanting to make sure that that size RV will pull that weight up a hill......the slowness to me is not an issue, but I'd hate to get stuck going up any steep pass....!!


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I wouldn't worry about getting up a steep grade. I would worry about stopping at the bottom of a steep grade. Does the MH have a brake controler? Does your boat trailer have hydroulic or electric brakes? JMO for your consideration. I tow a 4500lbs boat with my class A . It is not a problem, but then again I lost my noodle. :laugh: :laugh:
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Ah yes. I didn't really consider the stopping power, but I see your point! My boat's got surge brakes, which I don't really care for.....thanks for throwing the next "hitch" into consideration...!!
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You need to know the ...

GVWR Gross Vehicle Weight Rating.

GCWR Gross Combination Weight rating.

UVW Unloaded Vehicle Weight.

Most RV's ( trailers and MH's ) have an info decal inside of one of the storage cabintes with ALL of this info spelled out.

The GVWR is the MAX your rig can weigh including ALL of your stuff , gas , water and passengers.

The GCWR is the MAX that your loaded rig towing ________ behind it can weigh if put on a scale all at once.

UVW Is the weight of your rig as it came from the factory.

A lot of people aren't aware of the GCWR issue and can find themselves in trouble if they try to tow sometging larger than what is legal. Weight restrictions fully apply to RV's. You can be weighed and cited by Law Enforcement no different than if you were a commercial truck.

So even if your rig indicates that you can tow a 5,000 unit behind it , that may not be legal if you are heavy with all of your other stuff on baord. Every pound you add to your rig , reduces the weight of what you can safely tow.

You should go and weigh your rig empty and than loaded to see exactly where you are.

And yes , I am a member of LE that also does DOT inspections and weight enforcement.
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Well, Andy, welcome to the forum!

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