Tropical Storm


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Well, we been here in Florida in our new little Sunset Creek for approximately a month. With Kenneth's help at GTS, we have worked out almost all the little bugs with trailer. Still have a a minor problem with the LP flame being yellow, but working on that issue. I have a feeling it is a bad regulator.
Our biggest problem so far is "RAIN, RAIN, RAIN, RAIN, WIND, WIND, WIND, WIND and more wind. We had the awning out, side pices put out yeserday am, and then two hours later, we were fighting the 40-50 MPH winds with heavy rain. We were able to get the awning put back up without any damage (I hope). I have never seen it so bad down here, except for hurricanes. Suppose to calm down starting tomorrow. I'll take me a week or so to get things back to where we had them as of yesterday am.
Still beats being up North in the winter months.
Hope DL and family are ok back in Ohio. Thought I might cross paths with him down here this winter, but maybe not.
Anyway, we love our new trailer and so far, it is keeping up high and dry. If any of you are around Melbourne Beach (South of Cocoa Beach about 10-15 miles) look us up.
We will be here for the winter (til April 08), at Melbourne Beach Mobile park, RV, etc.
Linda did fish one day and caught a few small ones.

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Re: Tropical Storm

Mike, good to hear all is well other than the weather. Send the rain this way. Maybe one day we will be able to head south for winter. Great to hear that Linda is keeping the food on the table :) . what kind of fish did she catch? Tell her we said hello.


Re: Tropical Storm

Hey Archer i know what u'r going thru ,, we had to ride out trpoical storm Barry in May of this year in Myrtle Beach ,,, is was fun ,, hightide hit at the same time the storm came ashore ,,, they were moving everyone back that was 50 ft near the beach (not us luckly) ,, but i did get an extra days stay due to the fact that the power was knocked out by 2 huge trees that fell ,, and also blocked the entrance and exits to the rv park ,,, but i had generator power and a/c ,, so all was fun ,,, hope u ride it out ok ;) :)