Troubleshooting Dometic RM 2601 gas electric


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I'm having trouble with my fridge and I'm hoping y'all can help.
I have a 1988 trail seeker travel trailer. Im living in my trailer.
My fridge is probably as old as the trailer itself. My problem is that I have to run my fridge on gas instead of electric in order to use my AC in these hot may days. Its getting to be 90° inside my trailer when the AC is off all day.
Well, the pilot light (is that what it's called?) on my fridge is lit but the fridge is not cooling at all. It WAS cold when I lit it because I was running it on electric before I discovered I can't run both my fridge and my AC at the same time. But over night the fridge got warmer. My food has been at 58° for 20 or so hours.
Before you ask, yes it's level. The fridge was working great on electric.
All of the troubleshooting videos I've seen online are for newer refrigerators and I don't have all of the hardware that they have.
I'm completely new to RVs and trailers, and I just want my fridge to work.
Anybody have advice?