truck and 5th wheels part 2

DL Rupper

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Re: truck and 5th wheels part 2

Sounds good. Have fun. Let us know what size of RV you get. Try not to overload your new truck. The tendency is to go as BIG as you can. We (Americans) tend to think big is better. I know we are glad we only have a 30 ft 5th Wheel to pull with our diesel pickup truck.


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Re: truck and 5th wheels part 2

A GVWR trailer of about 6800 pounds would seem to be the most you would want. That is -1000 pound for people and stuff in your truck and -20% for safety and because that tow rating is for a flatbed trailer with 'no' wind resistance. You might be able to go a bit higher in GVWR if you never load it up over 6800 or so, but that is a bit risky unless you 'religiously' visit the scales before each trip.

I had a 24.5 foot Terry Ultralight which might have been a good match. I think most 26 footers and all 28 footers might be a bit much for that truck.

Ignore 'empty weight'. It is not reliable, and even it it is dead on, what good is it to tow an empty trailer?