Truck Bed Cover

I just bought the tow vehcle, 07 Chevy 2500 Crew Cab Short Bed, ready to install the 5th Wheel hitch, Reese 16K w/slider. Does anyone have experience with bed covers? I was thinking of installing a bed cover for when we are not towing and when we are camping but going to town w/o the 5th wheel attached. Can we use a retractable cover or is a roll-up tonneau the only option?
Re: Truck Bed Cover

lopaka, just so you know, it isn't necessary to post the same message in different sections of the forum. Most of us click on the "NEW THREADS" area next to "SEARCH" on the main menu. This shows any new posts since we last signed on. No harm; no foul!

If you haven't been told before, welcome to the forum! :)
Re: Truck Bed Cover

I didn't post it in different sections...just posted it mistake, sorry. And thanks for the welcome, I have been reading all I can, and really like the information you all have provided, and enjoy some of the humor. I am sure I will make mistakes, but hope to avoid the expensive stuff like driving off without disconnecting.