Truck Camper and bed length ?


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Hello to everyone.

First time poster here.
My question is:

"can I safely haul a 10 foot truck camper in a 6 foot bed ?"

It appears the camper weight is within my vehicle's load
rate just wondering about the the tail hanging off the end.

Thanks for any and all help on this.


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Re: Truck Camper and bed length ?

You need to make sure that your still in the proper weight load "after" you have loaded your stuff inside the camper. You might also want to check about extra support shocks (like air ride type). How tall is the camper and would it cause overload at the "top" when turning at highway speeds. Just a few comments....... ;)


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Re: Truck Camper and bed length ?

sounds iffy to me. You would have 40% of the load unsupported. I'm surprised there even is a 10' camper, as the longest bed I'm aware of is 8'.