Truck camper Tie-downs

I recently purchased an '02 Chev extended cab 3500 Duramax dually and a "97 Bigfoot 3000 series 10.11 to go with it. I have researched both torklift and Happijac Tiedowns and see advantages and disadvantages to either system. Could any of you folks out there with similar rigs give me some additional input to help me decide which way to go?
Re: Truck camper Tie-downs

In the newer trucks you should use the frame mount tie downs. The metal in the beds is just too thin to hold under stress. Thats why you have to put in the stiffener bar and all that with the happijacs.
Re: Truck camper Tie-downs

Thank you for your reply. I see now I probably should have posted this under general RVing or Begining RVing but I seldom get any thing right the first attempt. I agree as to the newer beds being too thin to mount anything of that size to the bed alone. I see the newer Happijac mounting system ties the bed in with the frame and uses the added stiffner bar which would require a significant amount of drilling. Even if the Tork lift system mounts to the side of the frame and extends outward where it could exert undue stress to frame I don't see where it would under relative normal circumstances and have decided to go with that system. Thanks once again for your input.