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Heya All,

I'm still a few years away before buy my 5th wheel, buy was hoping to look into truck modifications while I'm waiting. I know it will be a diesel, but keeping my options open as to which one (right now I'm favoring the Duramax in the Chevy 2500HD or 3500)

Anyways, i was wondering if you might suggest some modifications i might want to make and/or avoid. Some of the things I've been looking at are:

exhaust brakes, after-market brake controller for trailer (i.e smartbrake), performance chips, sway-bar or other suspension improvements, after-market air flitters, air jams / airfoil (or what every you call that thing on top of the cab to make the rig more airo dynamic), and/or anything else i might want to research over the next year or two.

thanks for you time,



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Truck Modifications

Hitch: I suggest looking for something with an 'under bed mount' This way, when you remove the hitch, you won't have those pesky rails which require chopping your bedliner, and which seem to always get in the way.
Wiring: Make sure the in bed electrical connection is installed and working (fuzes added).
Brake Controller: A good one. Prodigy or there is another which has a mechanical connection to the brake pedal which is supposed to be good.
Air Foil: This seems so reasonable, but everything I can find indicates this may not be worthwhile. In these forums, the concensus seems to be that the mileage improvement is only a percent or two; the major benefits seems to be raising the 'bug line' on the trailer :)
Mirrors: Electric ones which can be slid out so you can see down the sides of the trailer when towing.
Transmission temp gauge/filter: Easy add on to let you know what your transmission temp is at any time, plus provide additional filtering. Of course, you will have the towing package so will already have a transmission cooler, right?
Long Bed. More useful when not towing, and eliminates the need for a sliding hitch when towing. Plus the long wheelbase is alleged to tow better than short.
Extended cab. Lets you carry stuff protected from casual thieves and the weather, or extra people. Allows the seats to recline.
Exhaust brakes: Very useful when coming down a hill.