Truck Modifications

Heya All,

I'm still a few years away before buying my 5th wheel, buy was hoping to look into truck modifications while I'm waiting. I know it will be a diesel, but keeping my options open as to which one (right now I'm favoring the Duramax in the Chevy 2500HD or 3500)

Anyways, I was wondering if you might suggest some modifications I might want to make and/or avoid. Some of the things I've been looking at are:

exhaust brakes, after-market brake controller for trailer (i.e smartbrake), performance chips, sway-bar or other suspension improvements, after-market air flitters, air jams / airfoil (or what every you call that thing on top of the cab to make the rig more aerodynamic), fuel additives, and/or anything else i might want to research or avoid.

thanks for you time,

Truck Modifications

Maybe I should of added:

My first year or two I hope to do a lot of traveling with a smaller lighter unit. these years fuel economy will be important. Then once I 'settle down" I hope to move up into into a bigger heavier unit, which might be pushing the safe weight limits of the truck.


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Truck Modifications

If you but a diesel one thing you should get is an aftermarket pre-oiler. This puts oil in the heads while you wait for the glow plugs or manifold heater to get warm.
If you plan to push the weight limit I would just go ahead and get the 4500 with the 6.6L duramax. We have had great success with our Toy Hauler we built on a 5500 with a 6.6L. If you want to see pictures go to .
Truck Modifications

I have two 2500HD's with Duramax/Allison. REAL happy with both all I have done to mine is the Hypertech reprogrammer and K&N air filters. They do all we need to do, towing to just a little over 12,000. The truck is rated for 15,700 with a fifth wheel. Great mileage empty around 20-21, towing heavy around 11.5-12.5.

Good luck