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I am thinking about buying a Ford super duty four door with a long bed and a 6.8 liter 10 cylynder engine. Is a long bed better than a short bed for haulng a fifth wheel? Would the the 6.8 liter be better than a 5.4 liter? I really don't want a diesal.

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There is a plus and minus to the long bed.
The plus: With a long bed truck, you won't need a slider hitch to provide extra clearence between the cab and trailer in tight turns.
The minus: The truck does get rather long, somewhere in the neighborhood of 23'. You will have problems parking in the average Wally world, K-Mart or mall.

Personnally, I would go with the long bed because I have seen the damage a tight turn can do. You won't have to worry about getting out and sliding the hitch. Repairing the truck and trailer will cost far more than the cost of the long bed truck.

As far as the engine, you have to know how heavy your trailer is. The V-10 is not known to be gas friendly. If you are not towing a LOT, and the smaller engine will do the job, you will get better mileage when not towing. Go to a Ford dealer and get the tow ratings on each engine, in that truck, and see what fits your needs best. You are wise to avoid the 6.0 diesel.


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First of all, Welcome to the forum...........Do some research on Ford Trucks on this forum. A lot of guys have been having tons of trouble with their Fords. I drive a Chevy and if I was buying new I would go Dodge. That's just my opinion.
I agree with Grandview on the long bed. Unless you are in construction where you would need a long bed I would go short bed. As far as the engine I would go with the V8 but not the 5.4. I think the 5.4 is to small if you are going to pull a 5th wheel. Again that's my opinion only.


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The F150 4-door super-crew with a 5.4L will pull max.of 8200lbs,,while the F250 with a 5.4L will pull 8800lbs. The V-10 in the F250 will pull 10500lbs...same as the V-10 Excurisson..As far as gas milage I have a Excurisson with a V-10 and I get 11-13 mpg pulling a 33ft TT....And without pulling I get 13-16 mpg..Depending on how much you get into the pedal..I had a F150 with a 5.4L and it strained the engine going uphill pulling the TT.Ofcourse on flat ground you couldn't really tell any difference between the two..


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I drive a f350 with a v-10 at work 9 (a school dist.) it a nice truck with lots of power, but is does use the fuel.
I have a 31ft 5wheel and I pull it with a 2005 F350,4x4,SD,crew cab, long bed, DRW, 6.0 It's a great truck, I have had now problems at all. I love the tow /haul tranny. My wife drives it shoping and she loves it.The turning radius is 5 ft shorter on the 4x4 models because they did away with the front leaf springs and went with coil springs.
If you are going to hual much I would go with the 6.o deisel. I'm getting 14.4 city to 16.2 on the hwy. Pulling I get 11 to 12.