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Dear R Ver's
I am buying a 34 Select which gives me a total axle wieght of this unit at 17000 lbs loaded.
My question is I am looking at a Chevrolet 3500 HD LTZ, would I require a Dually or would a standard 4 wheel drive unit be OK I would rather have too much power than too little . It will have the Duramax and Allison Transmission fitted. I have been told by the dealer that I would not need the additional exhaust brake unit fitted ? because it has an item fitted to the transmission which alters the ratios when on hills and slopes. And would your readers also recommend that I have the engine "Chipped" up.

Really appreciate your thought on these.

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Re: Trucks and options.

Well, I think your weight of 17,000 is the GVWR. That is what the axles and tires are capable of carrying, or maximum load. You need to look at the UVW. That it Unit Vehicle Weight. Of course, that is empty and not counting your Food, Clothing, LP or Water.

In 2006, a 3500 from GM you are talking about was rated to tow 16,600 with a 2WD and 16,700 with 4X4. It will tow the trailer you are looking at. I have been told that newer trucks are rated a little higher, but I have not seen it myself in writing.

I have a 4X4 and am towing 12,000lb. with ease. I did re-program my truck with Hypertech. I have stage 2 in it and I am very pleased. One thing I want to emphasize, I did NOT have to do that to tow my trailer or any other trailer we deal with. I have not re-programmed my 2500HD. Simply does not need it. I just wanted it.

You do not need the exhaust brake, your dealer told you correct. Use the "Tow Mode" that is already in the transmission.