TV antenna booster

My American Eagle complete overhead came crashing to the dash two weeks ago. I have been repairing broken items, pulling headliners and tomorrow plan on rehanging the unit. I had all the electrical componants on the dash and did a dry run to make sure all wiring would be going where needed and everything works before the install.

After all of that I am actually stumped on the goofy TV amp. It has spade terminals for 12V hot and negative and three screw posts for TV coax lines to attach. I have messed and can not figure IF all three are needed and where do they each go? Before all this it definately made the coach antenna more receptive and the picure clearer. It would be nice to complete this operation to a 100% of what it once was. Thanks in advance. :blackeye:


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Re: TV antenna booster

Chelse is probably correct, but I have never looked at ours. I would examine it closely as there should be some kind of marking on the connections. I would expect one to be marked "in" or some similar thing.
Re: TV antenna booster

Thank you all for responding. The link from firestorm is just what the doctor ordered so a double thanks. Two days later, some creative wood work and some back breaking lifting has the console remounted.