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I have a 06 Sunnybrook 32bksw. I have three areas where we can place area, bedroom and garage.
In the living area there is a jack which consists of an antenna booster, coaxial jack and a 12 volt power source. 6" to the right is another coax jack..this one is for the cable TV.
The problem is that I have to switch the coax cable from one jack to the other when we switch from cable to the tv antenna in the living area. Secondly, I can only get the tv in the bedroom and the garage to work with the tv luck with the cable.
I believe that this system is wired incorrectly and am looking for some help in resolving the problem. I find it hard to believe that Sunnybrook would not put the proper cabling in so that you could watch TV or cable without having to reconnect your coax to another jack nor leave out the ability to get cable tv in the bedroom and the garage.
Thanks for the assitance...a Sunnybrook wiring diagram would be great!

C Nash

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Re: TV Cable switching

You will have to install a switching box. They make them where you just push a button to switch. Have you called SunnyBrook? Ken might be able to answer this for you at here.


Re: TV Cable switching

I had this prob on my class A ,, my front tv would work via ant. or cable ,, but i did have to switch a switch to make it work on one or the other ,,, my tv in the BR would only work on ant.
So what i did was found where the cable came in from the outside and tracked it up and around inside the coach ,,, and guess what i found???? The cable was never hooked up to the bedroom tv connection ,, that one got passed product control ,,, :eek:
But here is another one for u ,, i have 4 phone jacks in the coach ,,, well only one of them worked ,, and again it was in the front ,,, anyway i did some sniffing around ,, and i found out the other 3 jacks didn't even have the main phone line ran to them ,, they were just jacks screwed into the wall ,, no wiring to be seen ,, to make a long short,, i rewired tv's and phones myself... ;)
But as C said i would contact Ken and see if he can't take care of u'r prob ,,, and from what i have seen and read He'll do it for sure :)
Or direct u to the dealer near u who will ;)