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We are Canadian, from Ontario. We travel to the US and Canada at least twice a year sometimes for 3 months at a time. We are having a difficult time getting info on using a dish on our C class motorhome.
We have been told that we need an American address to subscribe to US programming and that our cannot be used in the US. Also how can we use our computer when the majority of parks have no on site hookup?
Tv choices

Welcome Wybbles, Can't answer your question about the tv dish but you can get computer connected at Flying J, libraries, some resorts have a modem line you can use. For just email sometimes a campground office may let you connect for downloading you email. Good luck & enjoy.

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I don't know why a Canadian dish would not work in the US, the signals are not jammed at the border. As long as you are paying your subscription back in Canada, it should work. I'm planning on snowbirding in a couple of years. I would go crazy without access to the CBC and Canadian news services.
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hello :) Why wouldn't your dish work in the States? Y'all get your signal from the same satellite, just using a different frequency signal. A sat dish is a sat dish, it doesn't care where the signal it uses came from; and how is anyone going to tell? JMHO
Most public libraries in the United States have Free access to the Internet, so's you can pick up your e-mail and whatnot. Make sure you read their policy's regarding certain sites.

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