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Am I the only one who has ever had their Sat Dish hooked up getting their local channels, and had to change sources to the RV Park supplied Cable or Antenna to get the local weather?

On a recent vacation traveling in the mountains, we heard rumor of an impending storm coming in and we wanted to get the specifics because we were traveling the following day. So the wife had me go out at dark and change coax lines to swap antenna inputs and bypass the Sat box inside to get the local weather. I then had to switch everything back to Sat to continue with my local programming. It was then that I had a thought that it would be nice to split the input so I could just flip a switch instead of changing cables around inside and outside.

I made a wiring diagram to help think it through and found that it wasn’t just as easy as installing one splitter for my rig, but I did get it done with three. Now, I can switch between Sat, Cable and Antenna with the flip of a switch(s) depending on which source is needed. I still have to go outside for the main Sat or Cable input, but the others are inside. I used to have a rat’s nest of coax in the cubby where my antenna port and TV stuff is located, and now everything is hard wired with no additional connections needed. It’s much cleaner now and I have re-gained another cubby for other stuff. Also, I now use slip-on coax connectors outdoors to make life easier when making the connections.

To watch TV, I hook up my Dish and Cable (if supplied) outside when I get to the park. Then, all I have to do is flip the switch boxes to what I want to watch. There is one A-B switch box outside, and one A-B inside. Then there is an A-B-C box directing Sat, Cable or Antenna signal to the TV. I line up the “A’s” for Sat, “B’s” for Cable and the “C” is for the roof Antenna. It looks like a lot of stuff, but it was worth the initial effort to make life easier for years to come.
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I posted on another site and it was suggested to use Diplexers instead of the A-B boxes, as they do the same thing automatically, w/o switching. You still need some sort of multi-switchbox to choose your input source. :)


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Duplexers maybe? Probably want avoid mixing an amplified antenna signal with any non-amplified signal. There is a voltage put on the antenna cable to power the amplifier.


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My RV came with a selector for each TV. You can choose to watch the antenna, the cable/dish, or the VCR/CD player. And you can record from either input with the VCR/CD. That system is actually pretty common. You can also buy such switching devices. They are called A-B switches.