TV leave in for winter storage?


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We just purchased our first TT and now we have to put it away for the winter, well soon anyway. We are going to store it in a big building on a farm. The farmer has gravel on the floor, lots of it and all rolled down and he puts mouse stuff all around the trailers and boats that are stored there. It is so clean in there I would camp there on the floor! Anyway, we will be storing it in northern Indiana - cold cold winter - do we need to take out the TV and DVD player or anything else?

Any other things I should know to do for our first winter storage??

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Re: TV leave in for winter storage?

It depends upon the TV set. If it has the cathode ray tube display it will be find. If it is an LCD, the key is just how cold. Those do have a low temperature limit, but I don't recall exactly what it is. There should be a temperature range on the TV somewhere that gives the range for use and a safe range for storage. Most LCD's are safe down to around -40.

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Re: TV leave in for winter storage?

This is as Copied and Pasted quote from Tex about this subject a while back. Hope he does not mind me quoting him.

LCD's have a temperature range. This range is there to insure proper operation of the display.

The rampant rumors about cold weather and LCD's have nothing to do with "freezing" in the sense that water freezes.

An LCD display that is operated in colder temperatures than its design temperature appears to be sluggish in displaying what it is supposed to display. In electronics we might say that the screen has "frozen" in the sense that it appears to be not changing.

The word "freezing" associated with a cold LCD that is not designed to be operated at whatever temperature it is being operated at means the display is not functioning correctly in its display of data.
End Quote:

I have had a 32" LCD TV in my last 2 Trailers. It has survived 4 VA winters just fine. What you don't want to do is go out their and turn the TV on when it is extremely cold. Allow the surroundings to warm and everything will be fine.

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Re: TV leave in for winter storage?

I agree 100% with Tex. These TV are not shipped in warm trucks and/or airplanes. Cold will not harm them unless you turn them on while in cold temperatures. So to answer your question, you will be just fine. ;)


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RE: TV leave in for winter storage?

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Re: TV leave in for winter storage?

if its a LCD then you should have to take care of it otherwise i don't think so that it need any protection ;)