TV reception staalite

I have a new 08 freedom express QB21 .
The problem i am haveing is when i hook up to my sat dish through the out side cable hook up i cannot get reception. When i hook up to the receiver directley thru the open door i get great recption. is my moterhome not equipted with the right cabel or is the cable inside the unit disconeted somwhere. I do get great recepton when i use my onair antenna when i crank up mast (local only).

Any sugestions or comments would be greatley appreciated.

Thanks all
Kim Hall

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If you hook cable to it does it work with cable? If it does then it is hooked inside OK. Remember if you hook to that with the sat. you need to put the reciever inside between the cable wire and the tv. Good luck
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Hey Kim welcome to the forum. The satellite will not work on the cable hook up. It has something to do with the amplifier for the over air antennae. I installed anew separate connection for my direct TV sat.


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A satellite looses something when there is any device between the dish and the tuner. I too ran into that problem.
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First you have to have the right cable in there. I think it has to be RG-6.

I had to disconnect the cable from the switch box near the TV and run it right to the receiver. (Like Lee said.)

(PS. for DOUGANDBETH - See? I'm being nice!)


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Re: TV reception staalite

Do you have two TV sets that both operate from that same cable connection with no selector switch center to divide the signal? If so, you have a splitter in the cable. It is a device that allows the one signal from the cable connection to be split into two separate cables to the two TV sets. The TV satellite receiver has to send a voltage down that cable to the LNB on the dish for it to work. The splitter device that separates the cable signal for two TV sets will not pass the voltage in the direction of the dish and so will not work.
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I thank all of you that posted a reply and thank you for welcomeing me to the talk forum.
What a great bunch you are. This is the first time I have taken advantage of a media device such as this and witnessed such a great respnse.

I did finally come up with the salution to my problem by turning to the owner manual trouble shooting section.

There has to be a coax splicer between the sat in from the receiver to the outside receptical for cable tv. the splicer is fs-8100 coax

Once again thank you all.

Re: TV reception staalite

I will defanatly be back when I may be able to help with one of you alls probems .

Thank you Jim

sincerley Kim