Types of bike racks

I'd like to see some of your methods of attaching bikes and/or the rack to the back of your RV.

I have a normal bumper-hitch type bike rack that we used on our old Van. Like this:

I wanted to use it for the trailer. So I got a welder friend to attach a receiver onto the RV bumper, but with the weight of the bikes and no support up top, the leverage and torque of bouncing down the road made the rack "peel" the bumper apart. No that's not the weld coming apart...that's actually part of the bumper material peeling away:

SO....what methods do YOU use to attach your bikes to your RV. I'm thinking of taking that receiver off and welding it to the TOP side of the bumper...and then attaching some support of top "bracket" to just bolt into the rear of the trailer wall.

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Re: Types of bike racks

Not 100%, but looks to me like the welder got things a little to hot and weakened the bumper causing fatigue to tear it apart..........

I personally am looking at the ladder mounted types to keep the bumper free for a flat rack for hauling firewood, etc.


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Re: Types of bike racks

Weld strength relies on the steel thickness. It doesn't matter how big (thick) you make the weld, it is only as strong as the thinnest piece of steel. Bigger (weld) is not always better.

If your bumper is like mine, it is pretty thin steel. The picture seems to indicate that yours is thin.

If you weld it on top of the bumper without attaching the top to the RV, you will have the same thing happen - but this time the back side will rip loose.

Could you attach a small tie-down ring at the point the top of the rack meets the RV? Like the kind used on trailers for hooking straps to. Something like this:


Then you could hook the rack to the ring. It is stainless steel, small and wouldn't look too bad when not in use. You would need to make sure you screwed into a support in the RV, too.

RE: Types of bike racks

I store my 21-speed bike in the front sleeping cab while traveling. You can easily remove the front wheel on most bikes to make it easier. Beats leaving a bike exposed to weather ... or thieves.


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Re: Types of bike racks

Dave, I had a friend that had the same thing happen to his back bumper. His bumper was 4" by 16 gauge square tubing, which is to thin to support any weight along with the vibration and movement of riding down the road. Movement back and forth is what caused the thin tubing to tear. I fixed his by cutting the old bumper off. I did not use a torch, instead I used a 4.5" grinder with an .045 cut off wheel. You can buy them at most hardware stores and at every welding supply store. Make sure you cover up everything that the sparks can hit, because they will imbedd their selves and leave rust marks later. Clean and grind the ends of your frame rails with a regular 1/4" thick grinding wheel. Have your welding buddy weld a new bumper on using 4" square by 1/8 thick tubing, it is twice as thick and will hold up to the vibration. Hope this helps. Lee