UK Newbie,,just to say hi,,

:) As title says,,, im in rainy england, well to be more persice,, somerset. Fist off,, HI, EVERYONE..
Im at home at the moment with a broken left foot, so ive been on the net, and came across your forum, which is a great read. One thing me and the wife would love to do, is travel some of the states.. ive been motorhoming (RVing to you) for twenty years now, we started with the little volkswagen campervan, then worked are way up to B class"s. my last one i shipped in from new jersey, 29ft coachman freedom which i love. our roads arnt really built for A class!!. i work in the motorhome industry (16yrs) so its a bit of a busman holiday. ive visited florida, and that seems to be the ideal destination for RVs.
can any-one tell me, is route 66 still drivable??. sounds a silly question, but we heared a lot of it has been changed,, Andy. ps, if any has a old vw camper pre 1965 they want to sell!, let me know. thanks.
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;) Nice-one kirk,, i think that is a really intresting thread,, ill keep you posted about our plans.
thanks; andy
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By any chance do you know this guy? Looks like you guys are both from Somerset.

Luke Porter, 21, from Weston-super-Mare, Somerset

I read on BBC that he was one of the Yachtsmen just released by Iran.
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No,,, although weston super mare is only nine miles away. i did see that on the tv, aparantly thet strayed into forign waters!!.

The brits seem to do this a lot?,. there was a couple who under strong advise, still went to samarlea(not sure how its spelt), then moaned when captured by pirates?.
And a bunch of our marines did the same thing... must be the cheap compass,LOL.
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I don't think you guys have a monopoly on that kind of stuff. We have had our moments as well..

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It always amases me, with all this modern technoligy, sat navs etc,, perhaps boat users arnt quiet as gifted as us road users??.

Hows your weather over there! we have rain, loads of it, ive some friends in canada, and they have just had there first splatter of snow.
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We have had lots of rain this year also. This weekend my wife and I are in our camper in the Washington, DC area. It is supposed to freeze tonight and they are predicting an inch of snow for tomorrow. We live south of here in North Carolina - we don't get that much snow down here.

I have been to England in the winter - it can be pretty brutal.

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You lucky man you!! We would love to live in the states,, floida or somewere like NC. We have been to new york,, thats a great place, but to much hussle and bussle. But we really like florida. I was offered two jobs by RV dealers when we were there,, i rang imagration while we were still there, and the awnser i got was?, NO. Yet in the uk, it seems anyones allowed here. It seems strange, as im a qailified motor technition, and the wife is a qailified hairdresser and teacher.. But we still like the US for our holidays,,