ultra lite travel trailers

We are looking to purchase a travel trailer with a queen bed and bunks. We have an Expedition as a tow vehicle (rated at 8950lbs). We really like the sunset creek 30ft quad bunk model, but feel it is a little too heavy for our Expedition. We saw a Kodiak 30 ft. trailer today with bunks that seemed quite nice. Does anyone have any experience with Kodiaks? We would like to keep the length of our trailer around 28 - 30 ft. and about 6300 lbs and want aluminum frame only. Any suggestions on good brands to check out? I recently discovered this forum and love it. There is such a wealth of knowledge for a novice like myself! :)
Re: ultra lite travel trailers

You might want to take a look at the Jayco Jay Feather line. We purchased an 07 LGT 25Z in May, dry wt 4650, and absolutely love it. Pulls great, spacious floorplan, and storage space galore. Just Google Jayco and you'll get there.
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Sent a private E-mail. Remember to deduct 20% from the advertised tow weight. Add 1,500 lbs to the trailers bare weight for all the goodies you will load up and last but not least are you going to be towing in flat country or hill country because if you are pushing the advertised tow rates you may be pushing it up dem dar hills on foot.
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Hi there Camping girl!
My Family and I have a Kodiak 26QBS and love it! ;) We have had it for two years and the only problems we have had has been lose screws. No big deal! I just re tighten them up. Our Kodiak has the slide out queen bed at the rear of the trailer and double bunks at the front of the trailer. I tow it with a F250 diesel and I'm getting about 13 miles to the gallon. I have also chipped my truck and added the 4 in. exhaust which helped out. I don't know what you will get as far as mileage goes but I do give Kodiak two thumbs up. :laugh: Good luck on your trailer shopping!!