Undercoating diesel GMC truck for Noise


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We just bought a 2002 3/4 HD GMC duramax diesel. We think it is still noisy in the cab. We were wondering if it would be beneficial to have the truck undercoated? Someone even suggested undercoating the hood.

Sure would appreciate any advise on this.

C Nash

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Undercoating diesel GMC truck for Noise

Man, I thought that noise was the reason we bought those diesels :laugh: Undercoating the hood will add a lot of weight and the shocks may not hold it up or is it proped up with a rod? Bet this is your first diesel :) You'll get used to the sound and be just like "Tim The Tool Man" :approve: Be sure to crank it very early ever morning in the campgrounds and let it idle for at least 45 min so all can hear it :evil: Undercoating the firewall may help but, keep it off the various sensors :eek: