Unique Bedding


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We just received our Freelander 2130QB - love everything about it. The final challange is dealing with the bedding arrangement. We are looking for some ideas in that area. Camping World carries an item called the Travasak - similar to sleeping bags laid on top of th mattress. Anyone every try them? Conventional sheets and blankets seem to be a bit of a problem. Looking forany ideas on the subject. :)


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Re: Unique Bedding

The travasak is great. It has 2 advantages over a 'sleeping bag'. It has 2 sides for varioius climates, a 'summer' side and a 'winter side'. And the sheet inside can be unvelcroed and washed. Putting the sheet back in is a bit tedious, but as far as usability, it is great. We never have a problem with sheets/blankets coming loose. It's all we've ever used in our RVs, and I can't imagine using anything else.


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Re: Unique Bedding

We add mattress toppers and sometimes use the elastic sheet straps and we don't have a problem...