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My husband and I have been offered a tremendous deal on a 2006 Coachman. Comes with warranty and all the works, we can afford it, but don't know anyone who travels. Our questions are typical of novices, gas mileage, costs for maintenance, etc. The dealer is desparate to sell something and we are in a good position and could re-coup after one year if we decide to sell.

We don't know about gas prices, re-sale market. We just need someone to share their info and experiences, and let us know what makes a good RV'er. :question:
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This time of year is a great time to buy. You have to consider it. We didn't let gas prices influence us much. If you travel much at all you will either stay in your RV or pay for a motel. With the cost of heating with natural gas or propane and air-conditioning using electricity, both a directly related to the cost of fuel. So you will have fuel related expenses either way you go. I have dodge desiel, fuel milage seems to vary little wheather I'm loaded or empty. If you think you will like the RV lifestyle and can get a good deal you won't find a better time than before the end of the year.

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What size and madel are you looking at? Rving is just something you have to enjoy and it's hard to justify the cost if you go that route. Are you thinking MH or TT. Either will depriciate and it will be hard to sell and even break even if buying new. Easy to get upside down unless you make a big down payment or pay cash. If towing figure around 10 to 13 mpg. A class MH around 8. Diesel will do a little better. Have been camping for 35 plus years and owned most all types. Have made money on used units and lost on new. Probably could have traveled in rented cars, stayed in motels cheaper but that's not my route. Want my bed and not one that anyone can sleep in :) . Cook your own food and meet great folks. Great family fun. You might consider renting a rv to see if it's for you. Let us know what you decide. Also ck prices at different places. Some dealers have a way of making you "think" you are getting a good deal. Be careful it's your dollars
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Thanks guys for the fog-clearing. We've been doing some thinking and have decided to down-size to a 28' Class C vehicle. This way it is not too daunting a task to learn everything, and the costs of ownership for us being first-timers will be less.

I don't know all of the RV'ing lingo and it's great to know that there are people out there that are willing to share their experiences with us. We hope that everyone has had a wonderful Christmas, Kwannza, Hanaka (sp?), and a joyous New Year. God Bless and be safe.