Upgrading from popup to Puma 25BH, what do I need?

My wife and I are going tomorrow after work to trade in our 2000 popup for a 2011 Puma 25BH. I assume other than hitch with weigh distribution and electric brake control there are other MUST have essentials I didn't need or could use with the popup. Looking for suggestions from those experienced campers out there.

Particulary, whats the best way to carry bikes? Suggestions?

Thanks again
Chris and Theresa Smith
Green Bay, WI


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Re: Upgrading from popup to Puma 25BH, what do I need?

Hi Chris and Theresa and welcome to the RVUSA Forum. Congrats on your trade-up. You've got the essentials correct - weight distributing hitch and brake controller are necessities. An anti-sway bar might be needed - or not, depending. A lot depends on what you are using for a tow vehicle. Just be sure to don't overload it.

There are several bike carriers on the market that bolt up to the rear bumper of the trailer. Do a Google search and find one that tickles your fancy - or shop your local RV and bicycle dealers.

Again, welcome to the forum and post back to let us know how you do. :) :) :)