urban fulltiming


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I'm a total newbie, so if this is the wrong place to post this kind of query please let me know.
I currently live in Oakland,CA and have a pretty decent job in San Francisco. My idea is to live in an RV and save money. Nothing new I suppose. I'd rather not park it on the street--I already had a camper ripped off by City Tow--but would like to hear from people with creative options.

Gratefully, heidski


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urban fulltiming

'Living' in an RV is certainly better than 'living' in your car or a refridgerator box under a bridge, but its not like living in a fixed building. You will probably need hookup to, at minimum, electric and water, plus sewer or some other way of getting rid of sewage. Perhaps also phone and/or cable TV.

Next, if you like 'stuff', no RV made will hold it all. Also, many RVs are not made for full time living, and some, in fact, will void your warrentee if you spend more than 'x' months per year in it. And very few RVs are 'soundproof'.

But if you still are interested, and can find one suitable for full time living (they do exist), then the important question is where to put it. You do NOT want it on or near the street (hard to get hookups, easy to bother by both criminals and governments (some might consider those the same :) and are subject to being noisy.

So you want a plot of land, in an area which is safe and conveniant to your lifestyle and job, with enough room for a shed and/or garage and all hookups.

The choice generally would be 1 of: buy a small piece of land, lease or borrow the land from friends/relatives, or 'rent it'. The latter case is usually in some kind of RV park. So unless the first two options seem likely for you, check out what is available in RV parks in your area. You are looking for one which caters to 'permanent' residents.


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urban fulltiming

I know your area is very high cost, but we've considered doing exactly the same thing near Wash DC, another costly area, but not as high as yours. We've considered it as a solution in the event we sell our house and haven't decided to buy again or if waiting on closing for another, etc. We're fairly close to retirement and haven't yet made the decision to get rid of the house and go full-timing. We've found a couple of full-time locations where we could park the rig (or a new one :laugh: ) in the interim. So yes, under the proper circumstances I think it can be done.


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urban fulltiming

You may want to search for RV parks near you or SF.
I know there is one in Pacifica, some close to Candlestick / Hunters Point - but I'm sure you'd have to be on crack like your neighbors to live there.

Not sure about Oakland, but there is one in San Leandro.

Once agin in these 'urban areas' I'm not sure about the security of the area.

I recently stayed at a RV park in Scotts Valley where they charge only $700.00 for a fulltime full-hookup space.

Sure would beat rent and they have a pool, huge (clean) bathrooms and showers.

Nice facility that I will visit again.

perhaps 'permanantly'