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Let's see, Horney Bear and Sexy decide to move into a 1983 Datsun motorhome with their kids Satan, Tyranny, and Chaos, and indulge in endless sex, methamphetamine smoking, and ear splittingly loud death metal/satanic metal music, and then they wonder why their kids get taken away. Sheesh. :dead: :evil: Yet more proof that there should be a government license required to have kids. It's unfair to civilization that the stupid ones breed like rabbits while the smart ones spend $100k on fertility treatments for a single kid. The only names I can think of that are worse are from the Dominican Republic, where America obsessed poor people name their kids Pepsi and Mazda. The Dominican govt had to crack down.


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pezar, that's way over the top for me. If you want to comment on the OP fine, but you don't have to bust out on everyone that doesn't have your "style" of kids. :disapprove:

After all, I was one of 10 kids, Sallyberetta was one of 12 and my mama didn't even LIKE lettuce! :clown:


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KateyJ - 6/3/2009 3:35 PM It makes me more reluctant to post too much of a personal nature here because even though it seems that most people on this forum are trustworthy and safe, there is no safeguard against those who are not.
Katey, I've had no problems with the RV forums but did on another forum some years back. I caught the attention of a mentally ill person and two of his friends. They vowed to destroy my life, my marriage and my reputation. They slandered my husband and myself. They threatened me. They tried to find someone online to burn our house down and poison our pets. It finally became a legal issue but it still hasn't completely stopped. There are many mentally ill people online and some are dangerous. I came close to getting offline, but the damage was already done. There is simply no way to avoid all those sick individuals.