Used RV Advice


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My wife and I are planning on purchasing a used RV in the near future. We have decided to go with a Class C, 26+ ft, self contained, sleeps 6-8, etc. We have a pop-up now and we want to move up. I've been reading about manufacturers and it seems the creme of the crop is Lazy Daze. I would like to find a used one, but we live in the Memphis area and most used units seem to be out on the west coast, and they seem to be a bit out of our price range. We're looking at spending $20,000-$25,000. What are some other 'good' manufacturers? It seems that Coachmen, Winnibego also seem to get fairly good reviews from owners. My family had a Class C when I was growing up (can't remember the brand) so I've not completely in the dark about them and what to look for. I'm just looking for some direction on other manufacturers that make quality products.