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If you mean 267RL, you can go to:, and see the specs. They were built the same in 2007 but now there are more options available. The tank size, construction and the basic trailer has not changed.

I know of a used one for sale, if your close to VA. I talked to the owner last week and he had not sold it then.
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Ken nice to talk to you again.I am very interested in a used 26rl. I am looking at one today but knowing your reputation I would love for you to keep an I out for that model. Any year 2007 or newer. i live in Atlanta so I would have to plan ahead but it would be worth the drive. Everything I have seen on these forums tells me you are a person I can trust. Couple more questions. Does the 2007 model come with heated underbelly? I tried to email you but never got thru. My email I am a serious cash buyer. I want to purchase a unit this year. Only other make beside the Sunset Creek I have an interet in is the Keystone Outback same floor plan. Thanks Ken Durward


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Hi Ken Durward, I can assure you that you will get a better deal and a better dealer by buying from Ken. I also live here in GA. just 100 miles south of Atlanta and have known and done business with Kenneth for several years now. I was going to his open house this week but have come down with sinus infection and will not make it this year. This would have been my 4th year of going. You are just one day of travel to his place of business and that is a great ride just looking at the country side.. Good Luck, hope to see you on the road with a Sunset Creek from Kenneth.